Three-dimensional packaging Packaging Materials
Cigarette boxes three-dimensional packaging machine features
Cigarette boxes three-dimensional packaging machine features
main feature:

Conditioning machine without a job on both sides of the mesa height 

1. Replace the mold without dismantling the material chain, put the hopper, the traditional four-hour replacement machine mold time is reduced to just 30 minutes now.

2. Use the new dual-insurance organizations, with no downtime will not damage other components when the machine is running out of sync.
3. Original unidirectional hand equipment from reverse swing machine, and running handwheel does not rotate so that the operator safer.
4. The new twin rotary knife cutting film to ensure the use of the machine in succession for many years without sharpening mouth, to overcome the shortcomings of traditional stationary single blade rotary film easy to wear.
Packaging Materials:
BOPP tobacco film and tear tape
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